AASHTOWareTM Bridge Rating software is available to local agencies and their consultants free of charge (courtesy of MDOT) for use on Michigan bridges. An AASHTOWare Bridge Rating license is valid from July 1st through June 30th of the following year; you will be required to renew your license each year prior to July 1st.

Michigan Agencies and Consultants: The Center for Technology & Training (CTT) provides all technical support for AASHTOWare Bridge Rating software. Please do not contact AASHTO (the distributor) and Michael Baker International (the software developer) regarding technical issues; contact the CTT for support on technical issues.




NOTE: Select each step below for detailed instructions.


Steps to Obtain or Renew AASHTOWare Bridge Rating

(Please note that this process may take several weeks.)

1. Register as an MDOT-sponsored user.


2. Order the software from AASHTOWare.


3. Receive your software download and instructions via e-mails.





Steps to Install and Launch AASHTOWare Bridge Rating


Note: The installation process requires a your computer to be up to date on its Windows updates.


1. Install the software.


2. Back up your database.


3. Launch AASHTOWare Bridge Load Rating program.


4. Select your data source.





Using the Migration Wizard

The Migration Wizard is a utility provided with the install files that will update an existing/previous version of the bridge rating database for use with the current version of the Bridge Load Rating software. Older databases cannot be used unless they are migrated to the new version. It is recommended that you allow the install to create a new database and then import/export old bridge definitions into that database.


1. Select the data sources that you wish to migrate.


2. Login to Data Source and confirm your migration.


3. Back up a copy of your BrDR database using Migration Wizard.


4. Migrate your data.